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Frankenstein font help please...

28/02/2011 a las 18:32


I'm trying to find out what font the first edition of Frankenstein was set in... Or at least something similar.

Any help or suggestions would be massively appreciated.



Frankenstein font help please...

02/03/2011 a las 15:36

The closest you will get is Century Schoolbook or one of its variants

02/03/2011 a las 16:37

Whittingham BQ - "Whittingham is a rendition of the type used around 1840 by Charles Whittingham, founder of the Chiswick Press in Birmingham " (expensive)

New Caledonia - "William A. Dwiggins designed Caledonia for Linotype in 1939. Initially, he had intended to blend the elements of Scotch Roman". Scotch Roman is derived from a face cut and cast by the Scotch foundry of A. Wilson & Son at Glasgow before 1833.

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