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HD Crash

14/07/2010 a las 16:01

Hello everyone at DaFont,

A few days ago my hard drive crashed, so all my fonts got erased. As I was working
on a new spray to use in a game, I need the fonts I lost to continue.

I know I downloaded all my fonts from this website, so maybe you guys are able to find them.

You would spare me alot of time and effort to get these fonts back. I'd like
to thank everyone who is willing to help me in advance!

HD Crash

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Fuente identificada

Cbe  Sugerido por Parasite241 

14/07/2010 a las 16:26

I found out how to make Fireworks recognise the fonts.
Boy I feel stupid, lost half a day scrolling through fonts xD

You can move/delete the topic if you want.

Used fonts (not only for the picture on top) were:

Fuente identificada: Cbe

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14/07/2010 a las 21:51

15/07/2010 a las 13:11

I forgot the names of the fonts I used in the pictures I posted
before. After searching half a day however, I found out what
their names were.

I edited my beginpost and gave you guys the name of the fonts
I was looking for, maybe some of you wanted to know the solution.

Thank you for posting the links and helping me out, but I already
found those links and finished the sprays I was working on.

As for the coffee, sure. As long as you don't forget the cookies.

26/09/2010 a las 04:13

i can't really identify the fonts...but i can identify that model!!!

26/09/2010 a las 11:38

The model XxiFONTxX? That is this one.

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