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Font Identification.

30/10/2012 a las 17:37

The sample displayed is actually a sample of a product that my company makes. However, this product is about 15 years old and the original font and artwork was saved on an old Jazz Drive disc. That disc has been corrupted. I need to redo the art layout but I need help identifying the font. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I can provide better sample art if that would help.

Thank You-

Font Identification.

Fuente sugerida

Helvetica Extra Compressed  Sugerido por Zaky 

31/10/2012 a las 02:40

Possibly Helvetica Extra Compressed? :/

31/10/2012 a las 07:20

Helvetica Extra Compressed is really similar but it does not seem to be an exact character match. Thanks you to everyone for the suggestions.

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