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Need HELP to source Vintage Number Font

24/10/2012 a las 03:25

I would appreciate it if anyone out there can identify the font used to produce these numbers. Thank You.

Need HELP to source Vintage Number Font

Fuente identificada

Windsor  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

24/10/2012 a las 03:41

Bitstream's version. Manually Condensed.
Fuente identificada: Windsor

24/10/2012 a las 18:40

I checked out the Bitstream Version and it is sort of close but not really a match. Thank you for the information anyways.

24/10/2012 a las 20:41

Your sample "decompressed" (in green). Looks like a perfect match to me.

24/10/2012 a las 23:21

Yes that is an exact match. You obviously know something I do not so sorry about my mistake. I am still unclear what the exact font name is though. Can you clarify that for me? Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

24/10/2012 a las 23:56

It's Windsor, as it says in the green box.

25/10/2012 a las 00:54

@dynastytrade: I'm not sure I understand. Like Malvolio said, the font is called Windsor (Bitstream's version). On your sample it was compressed horizontally so the letters looked taller. This was done by the user, in a software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

If you can explain a bit more, we'd be happy to help, if we can.

25/10/2012 a las 01:30

I understand now. Windsor Bold seems to be the font. Sorry for all the hassles. I did not understand to look at the font name inside the green box. I was just searching for the font under the name Bistream. Now I got it. Thank You!

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