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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

13/10/2012 a las 18:17

Thanks in advance.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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Severance  Sugerido por Heron2001 

20/10/2012 a las 05:17

You can read up about it here:
Fuente identificada: Severance

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20/10/2012 a las 05:29

Chunk Style, not Severance...

(if my english don't betray me)...

PS: Nice work, BTW...

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20/10/2012 a las 14:37

Heron2001 you are a hero! Thank you so much!

20/10/2012 a las 14:58

Did you figure out from the thread link I gave you, who I was...? LOL

Oh, and without saying, of course - you are welcome... sorry I skipped that part and came back to put it in! (No boobs in that statement....)

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20/10/2012 a las 15:11

Yes, I read the!

20/10/2012 a las 15:48

Whoa Jackie! I'm a truly impressed! Bravo!

20/10/2012 a las 16:33

Ah - you guys are great... Thank you.

Now impressed by the thread that was 7 years old on this topic, and I remembered it... or that I wouldn't give repro of logos to a guy making counterfeits? Maybe both?

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