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Help Me Identify This Font MTV .

13/10/2012 a las 17:50

What font is MTV ? Can somebody tell me please .

Help Me Identify This Font MTV .

Fuente identificada

Epoxy History  Sugerido por malvolio 

13/10/2012 a las 18:17

I'm glad you're back, Florin...

And I'm glad you forget your last thread issue...

Going back to what you're asking, do you ever you check your topics?...

(If not, do it, you will find something interesting)...

13/10/2012 a las 19:43

I check all times but i dislike peoples making chat on a single pict without life .

13/10/2012 a las 19:52

I don't speak about that pict, I'm speaking about your other previous topics...

Don't you see anything familar?...

13/10/2012 a las 20:00

Yes, you keep posting different examples of the same font.
Fuente identificada: Epoxy History

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14/10/2012 a las 00:22

How you know is the same font ?

14/10/2012 a las 00:24

I use something called "eyeballs". It comes with your body.

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