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Great Gatsby 2012?

12/10/2012 a las 23:16

I've been trying to find the font for the new Great Gatsby movie. Anyone have any ideas?
I do know that Matra and Bifur are similar, but I do not know the true font.
Thanks a bunch in advance.

Great Gatsby 2012?

Fuente identificada

Deco Pinstripe  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuentes sugeridas

Atlas  Sugerido por fmontpetit 
Capitol  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

12/10/2012 a las 23:42

That's as close as I could get.
Fuente sugerida: Capitol

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12/10/2012 a las 23:42

Or a little bit closer.
Fuente sugerida: Atlas

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13/10/2012 a las 10:52

fmontpetit ha dicho  
Or a little bit closer.


That's the one. Gatsby used a mix between Atlas Regular and Atlas Solid [Everything but the T is AtlasSolid]
Thanks so much.

26/05/2013 a las 07:07

Custom typography...
Fuente identificada: Deco Pinstripe

26/05/2013 a las 11:38

One takes the Atlas and Atlas Solid (2001 Harold Lohner, based on K.H. Schaefer/Schriftguss AG's Fatima and Capitol. Atlas was originally named Farouk). See:
One stretches those to some 104%.
One does some minor modification.

And then one says:
... Our aim was to ... develop a bespoke Deco styled logo reflective of the roaring 20s ... The letterforms were customised and refinined to reflect the design of the main logo. This included developing a system to combine solid and pinstriped characters in sequence when typing out words. Inspiration for the typeface was from the deco alphabet designs of K.H. Schaefer. ...

One applies an almost standard 3D effect ... and Bingo!

Then this:
... We also created a display typeface to acompany the main branding. ...
which happens to be the Governor (2011 by Riley Cran), to be found on LostType.

In short, how, with very little effort, to make a fortune using someone else's work, taking it for granted that the customer will never find out

(Typos taken from the original)

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26/05/2013 a las 13:37

26/05/2013 a las 14:31

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