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09/10/2012 a las 22:40

Does anyone know what font this is?


Fuente identificada

Neutra Text Demi  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

12/10/2012 a las 03:41

Fuente identificada: Neutra Text Demi

15/10/2012 a las 04:43

Looks like it's Neutra with Neutra 2 (for "F" at least)

PS: added preview for first post.

Editado el 15/10/2012 a las 04:45 por SashiX

15/10/2012 a las 05:19

In any case it's not Demi; it's bold. Hummm, the Y is more Neutra 1 and the A is definitely closer to number 2.

15/10/2012 a las 17:12

Bold version is slightly bolder, IMHO. For me it's Demi with Caps to Small Caps style.

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