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Looking for a font for friend

07/10/2012 a las 12:32

Friend told me that it was propably called baltic something, but I couldn't find it anywhere.



Looking for a font for friend

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Fuente sugerida

Arnold B÷cklin  Sugerido por koeiekat 

07/10/2012 a las 12:45

I don't have a perfect match, alas, but is a Arnold Bocklin variation. The main difference is in the G and serifs of the K.
Fuente sugerida: Arnold B÷cklin

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07/10/2012 a las 17:33

It seems to be someone's version of a similar to Arnold Boecklin's font

Perhaps a freebie is a good thing?

07/10/2012 a las 17:42

Also that G is completely different. No wonder because it is an almost straight forward copy.

07/10/2012 a las 17:52

Do you know this is my least favorite face? From day one...

07/10/2012 a las 17:57

Probably an or modified on purpose or badly traced logotype.

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