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This font?

26/09/2012 a las 20:56

This font?

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Phaeton  Sugerido por t.stadler 

Fuente sugerida

Longfellow  Sugerido por malvolio 

26/09/2012 a las 20:59

That is Helena's line in Midsummer Night's Dream! To which Hermia replies: "Nothing but low and little!"
(Sorry, I just had to say that, I played Helena once.)
About the font, it looks a little like Longfellow, but that's not it...not by a long shot.
Fuente sugerida: Longfellow

26/09/2012 a las 21:15

I swear, I will not comment...

26/09/2012 a las 21:15

Thanks for not commenting

27/09/2012 a las 00:31

why wont you comment?

27/09/2012 a las 00:34

chence34 ha dicho  
why wont you comment?

Not about you, or your topic, it was about Malvolio, a "good friend" of mine...

27/09/2012 a las 01:04

Say it, rocamaco.

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27/09/2012 a las 01:06

27/09/2012 a las 01:07

Come on, rocamaco! I want to know what I did that is so wrong.

27/09/2012 a las 01:09

Nothing wrong, but something funny, anyway drf_ shut my mouth...

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27/09/2012 a las 01:13

Just because I love Shakespeare and suggested only a vaguely similar font doesn't mean that I'm am insanely stupid.

27/09/2012 a las 01:20

Nothing to do with that, you know I love your cultural contribution here...

27/09/2012 a las 01:21

Well..what then? I'm so confused.

27/09/2012 a las 01:52

rocamaco ha dicho  

27/09/2012 a las 12:46

Fuente identificada: Phaeton

27/09/2012 a las 16:28

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