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Please Help!

26/09/2012 a las 01:17

I really NEED to know what's this font.
NECESITO saber cuál es esta fuente.
J'ai BESOIN de savoir quelle est cette police.

Please Help!

Fuente identificada

Bauer Bodoni  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

26/09/2012 a las 01:23

Fuente identificada: Bauer Bodoni

26/09/2012 a las 01:25

And here I was looking for an erroded font that looked like that! The explanatory comment came too late...

26/09/2012 a las 01:29

Sorry malvolio

But thanks you SOOO MUCH

26/09/2012 a las 01:30

That's OK, it's no one's fault.

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