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Looper Movie Font

24/09/2012 a las 17:53

Haven't seen this font around, any help?

Looper Movie Font

Fuente identificada

Gotham  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

Fuentes sugeridas

Telegrafico  Sugerido por notBowen 
Dupe  Sugerido por EndlessLoop 
Florencesans  Sugerido por riverguardian 

24/09/2012 a las 18:06

Fuente identificada: Gotham

04/11/2012 a las 12:07

That's true for the ~poster~ font, but the font used in the movie itself (especially for the "YEAR 10", etc., titles) is a bit different. Notice the pointed 'A', the perfectly round '0', and the sharply downward-pointing angle of the '1'... please find a screenshot at the link below.

I'm going mad looking for this font - it's really strong and clear - so any info would be welcome. Thanks!

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06/11/2012 a las 19:22

Yup. This is just what I've been looking for too—it's used in the end credits as well. I fear it may be custom, but not sure. Another characteristic is that the sides of the cap "M" are purely vertical. Please, Promenader, if you hear of anything...

20/11/2012 a las 08:27

Could it not be Florencesans SC?
Fuente sugerida: Florencesans

17/12/2012 a las 08:12

It appears to be Telegrafico on the letters, not sure on the numbers.
Fuente sugerida: Telegrafico

17/12/2012 a las 14:31

Thanks! -- Other than the weird Star Trek "S", this sure does seem to come close. Amazing how hard it is to find an "M" like this. BTW, this Telegrafico seems to have no numbers.

11/04/2013 a las 03:54

I have found a very similar one. The 'R' is quite different but barely.
Fuente sugerida: Dupe

16/05/2014 a las 08:10

I believe the font used in "Looper" is one of the fonts from the Gotham family.
Fuente sugerida: Gotham
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