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Ke$ha/Kesha Warrior album Cover Font

19/09/2012 a las 23:59

What is this font? if this font is available for free i would HIGHLY appreciate it. thanks!

Ke$ha/Kesha Warrior album Cover Font

Fuente identificada

Ke$ha  Sugerido por CrS J. 

Fuentes sugeridas

Geist Knt  Sugerido por ivantenorio 
Warrior Nation  Sugerido por jordanedmonds 
Here Be Dubstep  Sugerido por SweetSweat 

21/09/2012 a las 23:16

is this a font? it looks sort of like skrillex i think...

21/09/2012 a las 23:18

Kesha is not a font, but Warrior looks like one...

21/09/2012 a las 23:19

ok...have any suggestions?

21/09/2012 a las 23:20

No...someone posted something like this recently and no one answered...sorry, someone is sure to know.

21/09/2012 a las 23:22

ok thanks.

22/09/2012 a las 11:41

Looks like
Fuente sugerida: Here Be Dubstep

05/10/2012 a las 13:18

It may not be exacly the same but looks similar!!!
Fuente sugerida: Warrior Nation

18/10/2012 a las 07:55

its this one but warrior cover is edited
Fuente sugerida: Geist Knt

24/11/2012 a las 16:11

I found PNG this font hera:
But name I don't know

26/06/2014 a las 00:32

Fuente identificada: Ke$ha

Editado el 26/06/2014 a las 00:36 por CrS J.

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