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Any clues?

16/09/2012 a las 19:26

I've looked for this font for several months with no clue as to what it is. I've seen it used on a few posters like this but no one can tell me what font it is. Appreciate any help.

Any clues?

Fuente identificada

Bleeding Cowboys  Sugerido por SashiX 

16/09/2012 a las 19:27

Fuente identificada: Bleeding Cowboys

16/09/2012 a las 19:28


16/09/2012 a las 19:29

23 seconds, we can do better

Editado el 16/09/2012 a las 19:29 por drf_

16/09/2012 a las 19:31

Well that was sure fast! Lol, I should've asked faster! Thank you!

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