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What Type Are You?

12/09/2012 a las 15:00

Thought this was quite cool....

Sorry if im roasting peas.

12/09/2012 a las 15:25

12/09/2012 a las 15:29

As we've already established, its you who's the strange guy isnt it Playing the big man on the internet, lol.

Ikos ha dicho  
What Type Are You?

Sorry if im roasting peas.

Have a nice day odd ball

12/09/2012 a las 15:39

Strange guy...

12/09/2012 a las 15:40

You certainly are

12/09/2012 a las 15:46

12/09/2012 a las 15:49

Can we call a truce please?

I don't want to argue with you. We got off to a bad start, lets put it behind us.

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12/09/2012 a las 16:15

12/09/2012 a las 19:06

Look daams, just because other people aren't as knowldgeable as you are on font creation (as it happened in the Ikos thread) doesn't mean you have to treat them like . It's uncalled for and arrogant as well. Hey, we all have arguments or disagreements, but calling Ikos an odd dude all over the forum isn't going to help with anything.

12/09/2012 a las 19:35

Don't worry about it Malvolio, we're all good

12/09/2012 a las 19:43

That's good, he's not a bad guy really, he's good with identification of fonts, and helpful with questions from users. You're not a bad guy either, and usually people on this forum are nice to eachother. (Except in my case, I seem to be the Forum Fool around here for some reason... )

17/09/2012 a las 10:26


19/09/2012 a las 13:39

I like the link lkos posted it is cool and entertaining.

19/09/2012 a las 15:03

hey nice spam nomer28 !

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