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Comments, adds and bootlegging websites

23/06/2010 a las 11:57

First i'm interested, why i don't get comments on my Fonts. I've got about 10'000 Downloads on both of my fonts but no comments. I assume 10 thousand is just to less, for i've got hardly about 100 downloads a day.

Second i'm interested, if those adds i placed are seen and how much clicks they generate. I'm not aware of how many clicks they actually generate and how many people just download from the list.

And then i would like to know, what i can do about those bootlegging websites like and all those useless converted downloadlinks of my original fonts, which look horrible if you use them. Because they don't even have the dignity to uphold the data format (otf) they always change into a useless second class format (ttf).

Any help here would be very appreciated!

24/06/2010 a las 04:40

welcome to the thankless world of typography.

24/06/2010 a las 09:54

Phonetica, Flexy, Dax, ...

24/06/2010 a las 10:50

1-just because someone downloaded your font doesn't mean he howes you a comment. Or say it in the author's note maybe.
2-if you are talking of your side banner, there is no tracking tools provided by dafont. You can change the url of your banner to a specific page on your own website that will track visitors before redirecting them to your homepage.
3-Unfortunately there is almost no solution for this. Try contacting the webmaster, ask them to leave the files intacts arguing the respect of your rights and a better quality of the original files. Try to threaten them if it doesn't seem to work. Then, if it's still not working, if you have time and money for this, hire a lawyer and sue them.

Editado el 24/06/2010 a las 10:52 por vinz

24/06/2010 a las 19:38

@ JasonArthur: thanks for the warn welcome!

@ koeiekat: First thanks for the reply. I know what my inspirations are. A simple "useful" or "useless" would be nice (explanatory statement is optional)

@ vinz: Thanks for point 2 and point 3. And to point 1: I did mention it in the authors note of the «helvedding».

Actually i was only hoping for constructive criticism to improve my future work. (I don't have the money to pay typografy-lessons, how to hell could i have money for a lawyer?)

24/06/2010 a las 23:08

@sonoguerilla: 10,000 downloads is probably a bad Sunday for Billy Argel.

Probably the best way to receive comments is to comment on other people's fonts first, but that's not a sure thing, either. See this thread:

24/06/2010 a las 23:52

still the e

25/06/2010 a las 08:28

@metaphasebrothel: First thanks for the link. I know that i have very few downloads, that's why i want to improve. «Billy Argel» is clearly out of my league. Don't compare Mozart to a student of Salieri. That's ridiculous.

@koeiekat: Thanks! I'll give it a shot next time.

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