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Monkey Brew

30/08/2012 a las 18:47

Does anyone know this font?

Monkey Brew

Fuente identificada

Sugar Pie  Sugerido por Heron2001 

30/08/2012 a las 19:07

The "M" and "k" are different in Monkey - but the basic font looks like House Industries Movement... I don't own the font - so I'm not sure if it has alternatives for you.

30/08/2012 a las 19:23

No House Industries, but Sudtipos...

30/08/2012 a las 22:50

Fuente identificada: Sugar Pie

31/08/2012 a las 00:24

Thanks Heron2001!

31/08/2012 a las 02:18

You are most welcome. Don't forget to thank Rocamaco too!

31/08/2012 a las 02:21


31/08/2012 a las 04:37

What Sashi?

31/08/2012 a las 09:46

If I understand well, a private joke that's been started 8 months ago

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01/09/2012 a las 06:37


01/09/2012 a las 13:56

But I wasn't here 8 months ago... I feel, so, so, ummm, so, left out...

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