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What font is?

23/08/2012 a las 15:11

What font is?

Fuente identificada

Page  Sugerido por togali 

27/08/2012 a las 23:21

Page regular

Fuente identificada: Page

Editado el 28/08/2012 a las 09:41 por drf_

01/09/2012 a las 18:37

Yup, both looks veeery similar

02/09/2012 a las 00:07

very similar?????

I think is the same!


02/09/2012 a las 00:23

Yes, togali, 'Kilroy Was Here' is a copy of 'Page Regular'...

02/09/2012 a las 03:51

Similar because of the preview. Preview isn't 100% exact, and can slightly differ from web to web. If you can find both fonts within the same web, we can compare previews then

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