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What the font?

26/07/2012 a las 21:05

What the font?

Fuente identificada

Porcelain  Sugerido por malvolio 

26/07/2012 a las 21:14

Porcelain? I doubt it though. Therefore I am not suggesting it.
Fuente identificada: Porcelain

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26/07/2012 a las 21:15

26/07/2012 a las 21:19

What do you mean by that? So, I was right but didn't suggest it because I wasn't sure. What's the big deal?

26/07/2012 a las 21:22

Thank you for your help.

26/07/2012 a las 21:23

You're welcome.

26/07/2012 a las 21:30

What's the big deal ? Every time you post your messages, someone has to check, put the name of the font, the link, etc. We tried to explain to you yesterday that you have to fill the "Font name" field, and also the "URL" field. Now that's just 2 basic simple steps you don't seem to be able to make. So listen up, I'm going to do something I shouldn't do, and actually EXPLAIN how it works : You found the name of a commercial font ? Any commercial website is fine for giving a link. You found a free font ? Link from We don't have it ? Well, if your link awaits moderation, then forget about the site you found, it means it sucks.

There are people behind the screens and those people make the forum work very well. But your attitude just makes more work for everyone. If you're ok with following the rules, that's fine. If you still go on with the same attitude, you'll soon learn how to make new friends here.

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26/07/2012 a las 21:31

I know all that, it's just I won't put a font in the suggestion box if I really think I'm wrong.

26/07/2012 a las 21:33

Like I said, go on, and you'll learn how to make new friends. At least I tried, I was patient, I was cool, I explained to you what are the rules.

26/07/2012 a las 23:53

Yeah, bro Now relax, take a cold beer and watch this

27/07/2012 a las 09:42


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