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I know this isn't a font, but looking for one like it

22/07/2012 a las 16:55

Does anyone know of any fonts that would be similar to this?
Thank you!

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22/07/2012 a las 17:02

Is this a circumstance where you drew the kind of font you had in mind? Are you looking for something that is professionally finished off and smooth or has a handwritten finish?

22/07/2012 a las 17:11

Im looking for something that is more professionally finished off and smooth. A friend drew it and I am trying to create something in vector for them

22/07/2012 a las 17:17

Try including the image again using - a link to it would be fine, I think the thread might have been moved (since you're looking for font suggestions rather than a specific font) so the main image got removed.

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22/07/2012 a las 17:20

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