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Asking for a quick HOW-TO for creating alternative letters when placed next to eachother.

22/07/2012 a las 13:46

This, I think, is the prime example of what I'm trying to explain.

This free font also has some neat characters that use the .. process? option? technique? thingy: (you can't test or see the characters I'm referring to in the preview, example: lowercase "er")

Every letter is able to connect to every other letter seamlessly (so it looks custom made) but I have yet to figure out how to do this and I don't know if the option has a specific name to even begin searching how to get started.

I use Highlogic's Font Creator mainly, and have an old version of Font Lab.. I am tired of having to use the same letters especially when placed next to eachother - when the font has textures and designs it can get pretty ugly/repetitive.

Any tips would be nice, thank you.

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22/07/2012 a las 14:55

Hi Andrew,

Some people might be able to explain much better than me, but maybe you could check this out ? I hope it can help you

22/07/2012 a las 15:14

Woodstamp.otf has a lot of ligatures like that 'er'. In Font Creator you can of course make those sort of ligatures too but you need some external (free) programs to make it an otf font so that these ligatures will be recognized.
Read this. Take your time

22/07/2012 a las 15:35

Thanks for the links

22/07/2012 a las 15:45

I do not know if Font Creator can make multiple substitution or chaining contextual subtitution.

22/07/2012 a las 16:39

No, Claude, it can't. Font Creator is (still) ttf orientated, not otf. The developer states that they will only make a move to otf when there are enough programs available that are otf aware.

22/07/2012 a las 16:58

ttf or otf have the same subtitution.

22/07/2012 a las 17:50

As far as I know Font Creator doesn't create the substitution tables.

22/07/2012 a las 18:54

Andrew2 ha dicho  

... have an old version of Font Lab.

What version ?

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