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Please help identify fonts

18/07/2012 a las 17:32

Hi everyone:

Can you please help me identify the two fonts used in the attached image? The yellow letters are one font and the white letters are another. Thank you!

Please help identify fonts

Fuentes identificadas

Bebas Neue  Sugerido por damz 
Anne Bonny  Sugerido por dyh205 

18/07/2012 a las 17:44

Fuente identificada: Bebas Neue

18/07/2012 a las 17:55

That looks like it - thanks so much!

18/07/2012 a las 17:56

you're welcome

19/07/2012 a las 02:35

What about the yellow font?

19/07/2012 a las 02:43

I believe I identified it on another site as Anne Bonny Black
Fuente identificada: Anne Bonny

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