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Trying to find font similar to Plaza?

17/07/2012 a las 15:09

Anyone have any idea what this font is?
The curl on the bottom right stroke of the R and the curve on the bottom of the E, as well as the cross stroke of the A being extended to the left are all proving very difficult to find.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Trying to find font similar to Plaza?

Fuente identificada

Copasetic  Sugerido por koeiekat 

17/07/2012 a las 15:28

Lives under many names. One here on Dafont is the Copasetic, which is not the perfect match though. The acute on the E for example.
Fuente identificada: Copasetic

Editado el 17/07/2012 a las 15:29 por koeiekat

17/07/2012 a las 15:38

Koeiekat you are an absolute scholar.
Thank you.
Although I take your point about the accent, it is certainly near enough for jazz as they say.
May your camels never run dry in the middle of the dessert!

17/07/2012 a las 15:42

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