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Font Issues

16/07/2012 a las 19:54

I just downloaded the font "Respective" under the category Caligraphy, and when ever I type capital letters or letters such as "b" "d" "f" "g" etc. or capital letters , it cuts off the top and bottom...can anyone tell me why? I tried uninstalling and then re-installing, and that didnt work. Please help because I really like this font and want to be able to use it!

16/07/2012 a las 20:01

Actually, the author Måns Grebäck might have the answer to your question :

16/07/2012 a las 22:09

Actually, the problem lies in the metrics of the font, in the typo ascender and decender. Aouthor has to correct this.

16/07/2012 a las 23:46

I e-mailed the designer not even ten minutes ago and he replied saying that to fix it, you need to increase the line spacing!

16/07/2012 a las 23:58

Mans, the author, makes this same mistake all the time. Seems he doesn't really understand how to set the metrics with his fonts. If you happen to have a font editor you can correct this yourself.

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22/07/2012 a las 16:40

Kat is right, in a lot of programs the ascender and descender will cut off any glyphs outside the boundaries so you can easily fix it by changing the ascender and descender in a font program. The font author probably avoided doing that because it basically shrinks the font a considerable amount but a shrunken font is better than a chopped off font in this case. I would help you but I don't want to compromise the font, if you want to do it yourself I can briefly explain how to do it in FontCreator (might be ttf only):

1) Open up the font..
2) On the top menu click 'Format' and then click the 'Settings' option on the bottom of that list.
3) Click the 'Metrics' tab on the settings menu.
4) Change the Typo Ascender to a larger number and the Typo Descender to a larger negative number.
5) Test the new boundaries by going to Font>Test (or press F5) and adjust if necessary.

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22/07/2012 a las 16:53

In this case it is not the Win Ascent/Decent but the Typo Ascent/Decent.

22/07/2012 a las 16:58

Oh thanks, fixed the instructions. What is the difference between the two? Fontlab also has yet another Ascender and Descender option just to the right of those two.

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22/07/2012 a las 17:59

See the manual. Page 80 and onwards.

23/07/2012 a las 09:45

Andrew2 ha dicho  
if you want to do it yourself ...

No, it's not legal.
Only the author have to do that.

23/07/2012 a las 11:44

Menhir, nowhere in the license(s) it says that this correction is not allowed ...

13/08/2012 a las 22:23

Yeah, as long as you don't sell the revised font, I guess it's legal.

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