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I need helllppp.PLS

31/01/2011 a las 19:28

Please can you tell with what font was written "All Star Security"? thx

I need helllppp.PLS

Fuente identificada

Diskus  Sugerido por rocamaco 

31/01/2011 a las 19:56

I think that we are in front of a case of 2 fonts, being one of them: "Diskus" o also said "Diskus Medium"...
Fuente identificada: Diskus

31/01/2011 a las 22:19

Well pitumh and rocamaco,

I think it's just Diskus, but a litle modification to the serif at the L. Also has the curve of the L been erased...

01/02/2011 a las 09:17

Indeed it's Diskus Medius with a little modification to L. Thank you very much to both of you.

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