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28/06/2012 a las 05:58

Hey, Can anybody help me? What font is this? I am working with a client and want to revise their logo.

I need the font for "NationwideHire".

Thanks in advance!


Fuente identificada

Serpentine  Sugerido por TRADE SIGNS 

28/06/2012 a las 09:03

Fuente identificada: Serpentine

28/06/2012 a las 09:40

Thanks TradeSigns.. however, is there any free alternative out there?

28/06/2012 a las 10:11

There is no "free". It's a commercial font, if you want to use it, you have to buy it. Otherwise it's illegal.

28/06/2012 a las 16:35

A close alternate if you are prepared to put some work in restoring the small flare serifs...

29/06/2012 a las 01:45

Wow!.. this is great! Sure I can work on the flares! Thanks a lot!

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