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Tron Uprising Font

24/06/2012 a las 22:39

I'd like to know if anyone can identify the font used for the subtitle "UPRISING" in Disney XD's Tron Uprising logo. Please note the slant in the G at the end of the word.

Tron Uprising Font

Fuentes sugeridas

Tron  Sugerido por aqua801 
Street Cred  Sugerido por Great. Whatever. 
Tron  Sugerido por exceptnothing 

25/06/2012 a las 02:55

The Tron font is TR2N without the four dots in the o.

Uprising could be Street Cred with a modified G.

Hope this helps!
Fuente sugerida: Street Cred

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28/06/2012 a las 10:28

it is this typography :
Fuente sugerida: Tron

28/06/2012 a las 14:30

I asked for the subtitle (uprising) font, not the title. I already have the Tron font.

02/07/2012 a las 09:37

Tron Font :
Fuente sugerida: Tron

02/07/2012 a las 09:49

Please note that @Davemon1 is searching for the font UNDER the Tron logo. The word 'UPRISING' and not the Tron font.

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