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What software to use for this type of project?

14/06/2012 a las 01:06

I need to learn a software that will allow me to load a background image, an existing font on top of that image (like a layer) and allow me to edit the existing font (TTF). I never need a full alphabet and 97% of the time need to only edit numbers 0-9. I recreate antique car gauges and the old method of hand drawing everything is become too archaic. So specifically I need to recreate the font on old antique car dashboard gauges but I in no way want to create a font from scratch as it's normally a one time use situation and as I said, normally just the numbers are needed. I've been looking at Type Light 3 but there seems to be very little help via forums or whatnot for that particular software and I cannot afford the time spent on an enormous learning curve.


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