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Quelle est cette police ????

21/01/2011 a las 22:26


Je voudrai savoir quelle est cette police ????

Merci d'avance, Guiguigd

Quelle est cette police ????

Editado el 22/01/2011 a las 10:21 por Rodolphe

Fuente identificada

Dutch & Harley  Sugerido por deds 

Fuente sugerida

Brig Maven  Sugerido por deds 

25/01/2011 a las 15:12

Hello Guiguigd,
the good font ?!
Fuente identificada: Dutch & Harley

25/01/2011 a las 15:13

Very very similar font of "Dutch & Harley"...
Fuente sugerida: Brig Maven

25/01/2011 a las 16:19

Hi Guiguigd, I think deds is right with Dutch & Harley, because as you can see in the image, there are some lines on the D that seem to have been erased, but not everything.
When you look to Dutch & Harley, you can see that on those spots there are decorations to the D!

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