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Identifying fonts?

02/06/2012 a las 14:32

I was wondering how does a font get identified?
Do people have to vote on it or is there something else that determines it?
I 100% for a fact identified a font and I studied it and compared it and
it is exactly the same font as the person requested.
Someone decided that they disagreed and I am not sure if they even looked
and if they did they didn't long or hard enough. I am disapointed because,
I know it is the right font and I spent time finding the right font to
match the request. Someone please help!

02/06/2012 a las 15:35

i don't know what you're talking about, but if you're talking about this :
i also disagree. I just clicked on the NO button.
as you said, 'Look closer!'

03/06/2012 a las 21:35

In general terms, a font gets identified when someone suggests the perfect or almost perfect match. Here you have to keep in mind that there are a great many fonts that are almost identical and have only very small differences. So the better the image the higher the chance to get a perfect match.
When someone suggests a match that suggestion is compared with the image in question. If the suggestion is close enough the Admin and/or one of the moderators here will mark it as identified.
But the suggestion really needs to be close enough. That is, not just something that sort of looks the same. Those suggestions are considered 'similar', which very well may help the OP, but are not considered a match.

In your case the Aphrodite is somewhat similar when we only look at the L and l and d but for the rest it doesn't even come close. Thus the 'no' votes. The Poppl-Residenz BQ Light, however, is a match. It may be not the perfect match and it may be that one of its lookalikes is a better match but with an image like that that is hard to tell.

OK ?

Edit kk
In the case you are referring to - we think - the The Poppl-Residenz BQ Light is a match indeed. But imho not the perfect match. The apostrophe forbids. Softmaker's Poem Renaissance aka Christine Mauerkirchner and Rainer Grunert's Jacoba Light, aka Star Division's Proto however have that apostrophe and therefore are a better match - if not the perfect match. But, again, with a fuzzy image like that, hard to tell.

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