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Limitless (2011) Movie Logo Font Typeface?

31/05/2012 a las 00:52

I am looking for the font of the film Limitless (2011).

I know the font it's pretty famous, at least many kinds of sources with the same characteristics, but the font of the film in particular has features like a small ondulation in the letter "R" of the Bradley Cooper name (see poster) or a lineal wave of the letter "S".

Poster in big size (4060 x 6010 pixels):

The following fonts are similar, but they are NOT:
DIN 1451
Lane E
Media Gothic
Eurostile (varieties)
Microgramma (varieties)
Nimbus Sans Extended Regular Std Web

I've been looking at official sale webpages, but there are so many fonts it's impossible to locate it.

Thanks in advance.

Limitless (2011) Movie Logo Font Typeface?

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Fuentes sugeridas

Road Radio  Sugerido por scastele 
AG Book Extended BQ  Sugerido por Eric132 

12/11/2012 a las 16:50

As this post is old, you might have found your answer, but I think I found one that is almost the same: AG Book Extended BQ. The only problem is this font looks like it's not free.
Fuente sugerida: AG Book Extended BQ

16/04/2014 a las 00:04

Fuente sugerida: Road Radio

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