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Selling Fonts for Commercial Use

29/05/2012 a las 20:46

How much do you charge for a font? How much would be reasonable to charge?

29/05/2012 a las 20:53

You mean, how much would you ask to people who would buy your font ? There's no rule, it depends on the font, the designer, and many other things.

29/05/2012 a las 20:55

I need help pricing my fonts. I got an email from a small business saying they wanted to use my fonts commercially to make personalized children's books. What do you think would be reasonable? I've seen fonts for as little at $20 and as high as $400.

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30/05/2012 a las 12:20

The best is to look the prices of font that have the same complexity as yours.
The price is depending too about the number of files of the "family" (bold, italic, etc.), the number of letters (letters with accent, foreigner alphabet, etc.) and many other technical details.

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