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Does anyone know the name of this font?

20/01/2011 a las 09:34

Would be cool, if anyone could tell me both fonts, but more important is the "grizzlies" font! THX!

Does anyone know the name of this font?

Fuentes sugeridas

Variex  Sugerido por deds 
Triplex  Sugerido por deds 

20/01/2011 a las 10:49

no suggestion!? a similar one would help me too!

20/01/2011 a las 10:56

Hello Hav0c,
similar font (VANCOUVER), Variex Regular...
Fuente sugerida: Variex

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20/01/2011 a las 10:58

Triplex family (Triplex Sans Extrabold...).
Fuente sugerida: Triplex

20/01/2011 a las 11:22

Hey deds!

Both of the fonts aren't that similar! :( But thank you for your request! The grizzlie font should be more block style!

20/01/2011 a las 21:41

not a font Hav0c, it's Illustrated

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