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For my wedding please help me!!!

23/05/2012 a las 20:51

Can somebody help me to find this fonts to make my wedding invitations???

For my wedding please help me!!!

Fuente identificada

Palace Script  Sugerido por pilaster 

23/05/2012 a las 21:12

Script looks like
Palace Script (Though to be fair English or Italian Script are a very near match)?
Fuente identificada: Palace Script

23/05/2012 a las 23:02

Thankssss!!! you are the best!!! it is igual to Palace Script!!! Perfect!!! What about the other font? maybe can be Copperplate Gothic?

24/05/2012 a las 18:16

Yep, the other one's Copperplate Gothic (:
Congrats, by the way!(:

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