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Welcome to

18/01/2011 a las 10:18

Help me, please :>

Welcome to

Fuente identificada

Rage Italic  Sugerido por rocamaco 

Fuente sugerida

Rage Italic  Sugerido por WhatFontis 

18/01/2011 a las 10:36

Fuente sugerida: Rage Italic

18/01/2011 a las 11:00

It's strange, only the "t" is different...

30/01/2011 a las 09:36

Good morning,

All of you, in fact are alright, but not at all, the explanation is that sells the version "Rage Italic LET Plain 1.O" and Iceberry in his/her post picture has used the simple and old Rage Italic...

You can comprove following the link:
Fuente identificada: Rage Italic

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