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Finding fonts which contain these special characters: ŋ ʃ ɛ ɔ

18/05/2012 a las 23:43

I require some font that implements the following five special characters: ŋ ʃ ɛ ɔ

( if anyone is curious, it is for a musical instrument and musical representation system I'm working on here: )

However, this site has thousands of fonts.

It isn't going to be practical for me to click on each one in turn in order to see which characters are supported.

Is there any way to list out the fonts that implement a particular character or character set?

19/05/2012 a las 09:11

Hi p-i-,

So far you can't list fonts by Unicode range. But you can paste the special characters you're looking for in the custom preview field like this. In case the font has the characters you want, they will show as the preview text. Otherwise, nothing (or something else that has nothing to do with your specials characters) will show, and this indicates the font doesn't have them.

19/05/2012 a las 16:00

If you want a sans serif, the Arial and Tahoma have them. If you want a serif, use Times New Roman.

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