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Please can anyone Help Me ?

11/05/2012 a las 23:03

I want to identificate this Font, but i cant.

Pleas i need Help, i Transfered This Projekt with mutch money but the last Webmaster hasnt this Font.

This font was from a Designer.

Please can anyone Help Me ?

Fuente identificada

Nasalization  Sugerido por dg_angustias 

Fuente sugerida

YWFT Blessed  Sugerido por HellBz 

11/05/2012 a las 23:23

This Look Like a little Bit....
Fuente sugerida: YWFT Blessed

11/05/2012 a las 23:25

Fuente identificada: Nasalization

12/05/2012 a las 10:09

Thanks a Lot..

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