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Stick To Your Guns

10/05/2012 a las 23:11

blah. I'm sorry I messed up the picture and couldn't get it to change. this is the one i'm looking for.

Stick To Your Guns

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Fuente identificada

Levi Brush  Sugerido por frd 

11/05/2012 a las 09:35

This is a mix of fonts, and one of them is Levi Brush.
Fuente identificada: Levi Brush

16/05/2012 a las 09:01

This isn't Levi Brush. The S's don't match.

16/05/2012 a las 09:28

Ergo "mix of fonts".

22/05/2012 a las 04:08

"S" in rotate in 180°

02/06/2012 a las 03:30

Its LeviBrush pay attention to the G.

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