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help please.

05/05/2012 a las 08:34

Both fonts, the right bottom corner one, 'before i die'. And the middle one 'go on... ikea'. Help please ): thank you!

help please.

Fuentes identificadas

Prophecy Script  Sugerido por musicandphotoswagg 
Arial  Sugerido por frd 

05/05/2012 a las 09:31

Hey I'm looking for the first one I have no idea and I'm wanting that font too, but i've found the before I die one its called Prophecy Script
Fuente identificada: Prophecy Script

05/05/2012 a las 09:52

Middle font.
Fuente identificada: Arial

05/05/2012 a las 16:27

Oh, I see. Thanks!

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