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What's this font?

01/05/2012 a las 12:36

Dear guys

Anyone knows this font?

On the word "If the shoe fits"

What's this font?

Editado el 01/05/2012 a las 12:40 por creativeshooter

Fuentes sugeridas

Teimer Italic  Sugerido por pilaster 
Perla  Sugerido por pilaster 

02/05/2012 a las 02:20

Not 100% that this is one font 'If the...wear it' looks like...
Teimer italic (the LC 'i'
Whereas 'SHOE FITS' looks like a Bodoni flavour.
Fuente sugerida: Teimer Italic

02/05/2012 a las 03:26

Those very thin serifs reminds me Perla

02/05/2012 a las 10:28

SashiX ha dicho  
Those very thin serifs reminds me Perla

Indeed SashiX, it ain't bodoni.
Perhaps Perla manually italicised/sheared to give the effect.
(unless there is an, as yet unknown font out there, I still think it's 2 fonts)
Fuente sugerida: Perla

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