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Lehman Brothes Font ID

30/04/2012 a las 11:15

I ran it through on whatfontis a couple of times, but no consistent answer and estimated fonts weren't accurate enough. Image via wiki.
It's probably something generic but i can't put my finger to it ...

Thank you very much.

Lehman Brothes Font ID

Fuente identificada

LTC Kennerley Bold Pro  Sugerido por pilaster 

Fuente sugerida

Kingsley  Sugerido por pilaster 

30/04/2012 a las 12:15

Possibly Kingsley?
Fuente sugerida: Kingsley

30/04/2012 a las 12:17

Is is strikingly similar ... Thanks. Any other suggestions?

30/04/2012 a las 12:23

Plenty of similar here:

30/04/2012 a las 12:30

Some more rooting found this
LTC Kennerley Bold Pro
Uppercase and Smallcaps?
Fuente identificada: LTC Kennerley Bold Pro

Editado el 30/04/2012 a las 12:31 por pilaster

30/04/2012 a las 13:03

Thank you very much for input, pilaster. LTC Kennerley Bold Pro it is.

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