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What font is this?

27/04/2012 a las 21:46

What font is this?

Fuente identificada

DIN Next  Sugerido por Tomás Silcher 

27/04/2012 a las 22:11

Fuente identificada: DIN Next

27/04/2012 a las 22:12

DIN, but quite difficult to say which one
Fuente sugerida: DIN Next Ultralight
  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

27/04/2012 a las 22:13


27/04/2012 a las 22:25

Awesome! But I can't seem to find it for free anywhere.

Can anyone suggest a similar font I can use for free?

28/04/2012 a las 00:14

DIN is a commercial font, my friend. But you can find here @ DF similar fonts for sure Check this.

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