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Retro Outline

20/04/2012 a las 18:44

Is "WAXTRAX" an outline font, or is this just a thin typeface with a stroke applied? I can't seem to get the same effect by applying a stroke to say, Helvetica Condensed Light. Thanks!

Retro Outline

Fuente sugerida

Cyclone Shaded  Sugerido por frd 

20/04/2012 a las 20:45

Just in case you're only looking for something similar.
Fuente sugerida: Cyclone Shaded

20/04/2012 a las 22:31

The key to getting the stroke right is to duplicate and place a heavy stroke on the bottom layer whilst having no stroke on the original layer. I'd use Tall Films as a starting point although the bar on the A needs lowering

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