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I need help to identify these two fonts

04/03/2021 a las 18:26

I've been searching for hours and I couldn't find them.
I searched the "Avril Lavigne & Jonny Blu" one across the whole Basic category and I found one that's very similar but not the actual thing.

I've been searching for the "Baby It's Cold Outside" one across the Script category but I'm giving up now that I'm over 2600 checks

I need help to identify these two fonts

Editado el 04/03/2021 a las 19:49 por WeBelongWayDownBelow

Fuente identificada

Alex Brush  Sugerido por Shadownsie 

04/03/2021 a las 21:15

Fuente identificada: Alex Brush

04/03/2021 a las 23:00

Shadownsie ha dicho  
Alex Brush

Thank you so much

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