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Overlapping font - any ideas much appreciated!

14/04/2012 a las 17:56

Hi - I'm after a font that overlaps in this way, I'm wondering whether it comes like that, or whether it's a bit of photoshop jiggery-pokery - any advice would be heartily appreciated!

Overlapping font - any ideas much appreciated!

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Lubalin Graph  Sugerido por pilaster 

14/04/2012 a las 18:31

Yes, it is a bit of photoshop jiggery-pokery. Semi transparent layers.

14/04/2012 a las 19:27

Lubalin Graph maybe? demi? Either each letter in its own layer or (say in Illustrator) as separate elements, each with reduced opacity set.
Fuente sugerida: Lubalin Graph

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14/04/2012 a las 20:40

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