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Lizzy Grant/Kill Kill font?

09/04/2012 a las 21:34

Please could you identify the font used on this artwork by Liz Grant? Thanks in advance :3

Lizzy Grant/Kill Kill font?

Fuente identificada

Haettenschweiler  Sugerido por SashiX 

13/04/2012 a las 11:35

Am I imagininjg this font?:L

13/04/2012 a las 17:10

Do you have a bigger image?

13/04/2012 a las 23:25
Is that much better? Sorry, I couldn't find a bigger one to begin with :3

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14/04/2012 a las 06:31

Much better But that effect confuses me
For "KILL KILL" try Haettenschweiler and for "LIZZY GRANT", try Arial Black (stroked, to make it even more black/bold). Both fonts should be on your PC already
Fuente identificada: Haettenschweiler

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14/04/2012 a las 15:27

Ahaha, it's quite confusing. Thank you so much for your help as always!

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