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What font is this? Please help :))

23/10/2020 a las 20:20

This image is from a youtube video called "Wannabe" by Jaenghoon. I´ve been trying to find the font for a really long time, it´d nice if anyone knew the font. Thank you

~BaebaeGyu ☆

What font is this?  Please help :))

Fuente identificada

KG Small Town Southern Girl  Sugerido por BaebaeGyu 

23/10/2020 a las 20:41

I managed to find the font, not really sure how to use the website but if anyone is interested the font name should be either below this reply or above. Even though no one answered I thank everyone who saw this :=) (If you see the word Yeji, ignore I was just testing if they looked similar lol)

~BaebaeGyu ☆
Fuente identificada: KG Small Town Southern Girl

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