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Having trouble downloading files

03/04/2012 a las 19:15

Hi all. I am having trouble downloading some of the fonts. Some I can get to work and others are saying either there is no files or that the file is invalid or corrupt. It appears that they are not fully downloading. I have downloaded from this website before with no problem and they have all installed just fine. Any suggestions?

03/04/2012 a las 19:16

Hi ! Are you on a wireless connection ? In any case, try redownloading the files, and wait until the download is over before opening them, it should do the trick

03/04/2012 a las 19:46

Nope not on a wireless connection. I have tried several times to download them and i have also restarted my computer so I am not sure what the heck is going on.

03/04/2012 a las 20:40

Some of the ... What's the secret?

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