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Ratched font

19/09/2020 a las 09:04

Ratched font

Fuente sugerida

Kuenstler Script Com #2 Bold  Sugerido por Venounou 

24/09/2020 a las 20:48

following ;p

i think is a signature text font,of course...
but with some "Glyphs" ,so the text have a nice visual

i just dont know what font text is,sorry :x
identify signature text font its pretty hard because have a lot of them around text font sites

11/11/2020 a las 20:00


22/11/2020 a las 17:33

Hi there,

I have isolated all the glyphs, it gives that font "Kunstler Script" I might be wrong, but it looks very similar.

I was searching for the "R" but it's obvious it was a glyph from another font, or made by the graphic designer "Benjamin Woodlock". He worked on the opening and credits of the series.

For the glyph I tend to think it was edited with a software to better the mood and the context of Ratched.

But feel free to correct me, I might be wrong.

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