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Font from menu on website

28/03/2012 a las 22:06

Website has several unusual fonts, but I'm specifically curious about the one used for the food items on the menus, for example: Buttons’ Fried Green Tomatoes


Font from menu on website

Editado el 28/03/2012 a las 22:07 por kaps

Fuente identificada

Marketing Script  Sugerido por SashiX 

Fuente sugerida

Freehand 521  Sugerido por Gabilo7 

28/03/2012 a las 22:37

Fuente sugerida: Freehand 521

28/03/2012 a las 22:40

Amazing how fast that was! Thank you!

28/03/2012 a las 22:42

You're welcome, enjoy the use of the font.

28/03/2012 a las 22:52

aka Freehand 521, but with minor differences.
Fuente identificada: Marketing Script

Editado el 28/03/2012 a las 22:54 por SashiX

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